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Hattrick Manager is a tool for the onlinegame Hattrick where you coach a virtual football team. With Hattrick Manager you may (offline) sort your players, do analyses and pick out your team with help from several features designed to improve your skill as manager for your soccer team.

Due to changes in Hattrick's CHPP interface the latest version of Hattrick Manager is no longer able to download new team data.

Unfortunately, there is currently no new version planned to fix this and support the new CHPP interface. Hence, as of now Hattrick Manager is dead after 13 years since the first version. This is sad, but personal circumstances has made it hard to keep up and this is also the reason why there hasn't been any updates the recent years. Thanks everybody for these years, it's truly an end of an era.

Note: A new open-source version of Hattrick Manager has been in development for some time (by other developers) and is open for contributions at Google Code.

Hattrick Manager v2.59 is released

[ ] Posted November 21, 2009

Please download to fix the wrong-security-code-issue (again). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Issue with downloads from Hattrick Manager

[ ] Posted November 15, 2009

There is currently an issue that causes downloads of new data in Hattrick Manager to not work. The error message says you are using the wrong security code, but this is not the case.

The CHPP team at Hattrick has been contacted and hopefully this will be resolved soon.

I’m very sorry for this inconvenience.

Version 2.58 solves this issue. Please update.

IE8 related download issues and HM v2.57 beta

[ ] Posted June 3, 2009

With the recent push of Internet Explorer 8 updates some are experiencing problems downloading data from Hattrick using Hattrick Manager.

This and some more issues are upcoming v2.57 that is now available as beta here.

Download error with new layout?

[ ] Posted December 9, 2008

Hattrick just changed their layout. If you receive an error similar to “No Hattrick Server address found!” when performing a download, like this:

Please do the following to solve this. In the Download window, click Settings then click the Connection tab. Locate the section Hattrick Server and change from Auto-Detect to manually entering “www.hattrick.org” (without quotes).

Error exception in v2.56, use v2.55 instead

[ ] Posted October 19, 2008

It seems like there is an error affecting some users of v2.56. Therefore I’ve reverted back to v2.55 instead.

If you are experiencing an error dialog, download the old v2.55 instead.

Error downloading data due to recent Hattrick changes

[ ] Posted September 24, 2008

Due to recent changes on www.hattrick.org related to CHPP Hattrick Manager has stopped working when downloading new data. The symptom is that several data file fails.

I intend to provide an update to fix this. Due to my current personal situation (I’m moving this weekend, resulting in no internet access at home among other things) I’m not able to provide an immediate fix.

As soon as the dust have settled I will release a new version, before the start of the next season.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Update 9/30: The moving went well. Now everything is in boxes with two kids running around (+ one baby). I hope to find my computer somewhere now… 😉

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20 November 2009

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